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Shooting and Editing the video represents only 1/3 of the total overall video development process. Story development, scene layout and staging make up the other 2/3’s of the process that makes the video memorable.

Let us assume the video presentation turned out great. If no one sees it, you’ve wasted your money. We work with Google and Facebook to target potential customers and make sure the video is seen.

Promotion is equally important as the development process. Social Media Marketing is unlike Radio and TV advertising because we can find customers searching for what you have to offer.

A video with the right content and budget is an incredible business tool to communicate important messages to your audience. It can give you a return on your investment many times over.
Now, every business owner can afford a Video Presentation.

We know how to make a Professional Video:

Create a interesting story
Sure it sounds simple but good storytelling is an essential marketing technique. Stories must intrigue, lure and inspire you into thinking . The best stories use sight and sound to create a strong emotional appeal. It's the emotional connection that makes the story memorable.

Build-in Interest and Conversion
We specialize in marketing services, not products. By building visual interest into the story, the viewer is better engaged and interested in what you offer. Since most viewers will not order your services on-line or by phone, the video must be memorable. They must drive to your business to enjoy what you have to offer.

Show them, don’t tell them

Watching a video of your service being used is more effective than hearing a commercial on the radio or looking at a magazine ad. It is especially memorable if what you are looking at is appealing. Educators have found that retention rates can triple when you see, what you hear.

Unscripted doesn’t mean Unstructured
95% of all Reality TV Shows are scripted and staged to look spontaneous. If fact, producers spend months looking for the proper location, the right participants, set designs and music to create those magical viewer moments. The look of unscripted presentations provides a natural tone and authenticity that resonates well with viewers. Lots of planning must go into what questions are asked and how people respond on-camera.

Define Video Objective and Goal

If you spend $12,000 adding a Wine Dispenser Preservation Unit to your restaurant, show how it works and why people like it. Video marketing is a means to the end but not the end itself. Putting an unprepared, uncomfortable employee in front of a camera or worse yet, making a video that does not highlight your business goals can tell the viewer to look elsewhere. The "how" becomes much easier to figure out when you first know the "why."

Choosing the right style of video
Business Introduction, Lifestyle Branding and Infomercial all target different responses from the viewer. Every business is unique and the story that drives your video should be as long or short as needed.

Ask yourself: How can I communicate to the viewer, my company’s dedication to high quality services?

"Quality is what Quality does" - Forrest Gump

This quote may describe the deciding factor when it comes to business and video marketing. Experience is often over looked when considering advertising prices, budgets and how to spend resources.

Quality is how you want the job done. Experience is how you get Quality and We have been making videos for over 40 years.

We know how to market to Today‘s Mobile Social generation.

  • We build Web Ads based on keywords that promote the video message.
  • Select targeted websites to place the Ads where your audience might be.
  • Show how to develop an email campaign that keeps customers informed.
  • Help you market your services to both existing and new customers.


If you look at the top row of the table, the Digital Media viewing times, surpassed the total of all other Media combined, starting in 2017 and through 2018.
Today, more people own smart phones then own televisions. The Digital Media audience is 4 times larger then audiences from television, radio and print combined. Source: Pew Research Center

Successful marketing always starts with targeting. Creating a focused marketing campaign, targeting the appropriate audience is essential.

The only appropriate commercial to run during "The Drive at 5," when you’re stuck in traffic or during "The Local News" when you’re trying to feed the family, are Pain Killers and Stress Relievers. These “popular time slots” only made sense before Social Media and Cell Phones where invented. Today you listen and watch, what interests you, during your leisure time. That’s the time to find customers.

How do we measure success?
We measure success by comparing impressions to click-thru’ registrations; time spent watching the video and many other Google Business Analytics. The final test is to count how many customers the video brought in and what did they purchase. These business results together with understanding location demographics, market size, market growth and competitor success, tells if you spent wisely.

The Proof is in the Production.

These Results will help you determine what marketing efforts to focus on and how your communication strategy achieves your business goals.

Make America Great Again

Call, email or text us, to set up an appointment to discuss how we can help achieve your business goals.

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